Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning process shows clients and their families the responsibilities and duties required of those named as backup people when the document maker becomes incapacitated or dies. Our workshops and resource library provides helpful explanations and illustrations describing what these building block documents are and what they accomplish. These resources are for clients and non-clients alike and will explain who should be named as the backup people, what they need to know, and what they are responsible for.

The definition of Estate Planning commonly used is: I want to control my property when I am alive and well, plan for me and my loved ones if I become disabled, and then, when I die, give what I have to whom I want, when I want and the way I want ��� all at the lowest possible overall cost to me and those I love.

The four principal building blocks used in Estate Planning are:

Most people have heard of these documents and many people have them. However, working with clients and their families both before and after disability or death, we have found that they do not understand that often their documents do not accomplish what they had intended.