Estate Planning for Your Family

You are starting a family. Most young people don’t think about, talk about, or realize what Estate Planning is or how it’s done and why it could be important to them. Estate Planning is usually thought as managing financial matters and financial assets. Most people don’t associate young people with owning or managing financial assets, but a very interesting and possibly very important financial asset available at a very low cost to young people is… Continue reading

Estate Planning: Documents, Descriptions, and Terms

The Estate Planning Team, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and CPA’s use names, descriptions, and terms in legal documents. They are familiar with these terms, but most clients, prospective clients, and the public in general are not. Here are some terms that are examples: 1. Administrative Trustee or Directed Trustee.

  • A fiduciary responsible for the compliance aspects of a trust, but not responsible for investing the assets.

2. Buildup Equity Retirement Trust or BERT or Spousal Limited… Continue reading

Estate Planning Case of Benjamin Button

Estate planning is a topic that takes great consideration and something you usually don’t see the end result of all the hard work and careful planning. In the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, an old man grew younger and younger, instead of older. He started at the end result and learned how to be young, which makes for a good lesson to the rest of us who are getting older instead. Looking at… Continue reading

Estate Planning Must Dos

Estate Planning is just that, a plan which should be created during a time in your life when you have the ability to complete all the estate planning documents and ensure your family understands them. Most often estate plans are considered during death, but they can also help your family if you are incapacitated and not able to care for them while you are still alive. Either way, the list below is a great way… Continue reading

Estate Planning Review Time

Reviewing your estate plan is similar to an oil change. Most cars are every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Your estate plan has the same type of expiration. Review every 5 years or after any major life event, whichever comes first. Major life events are the best time to sit down and review your estate planning documents, but you should still periodically examine your estate planning documents to ensure they are… Continue reading

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